The Wide Reach Social Media Team

The Wide Reach Social Media Team

The Wide Reach Social Media team are all experts in their fields which include social media, blogging, SEO, Adwords, and Email marketing. Our broad skill base ensures our client’s social media integrates with all their digital and offline marketing.
Dan Willersdorf - Social Media Marketing - Facebook Advertising

Dan Willersdorf

CEO & Social Media Strategist

Dan Willersdorf is a Social Media Consultant and Social Media Expert, having worked in the field way back when Facebook advertising first started, using Social Media to market his web design agency. Since then he has worked with hundreds of businesses to get more leads and sales from their Social Media.

Considered a “Social Media Guru“in his home town of Bundaberg and the surrounding areas of Hervey Bay, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Toowoomba he regularly works with leading businesses on Social Media.

He is a HootSuite Certified Professional, editor of Social Media Success Magazine, and has been the Managing Director of Wide Reach Social Media since 2012.


His previous worked on Web Design & Development, and has been a Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Adelaide University Formula SAE Manager, and a Mines Rescue squad member.

He was born in Murrayville, Victoria and has lived in Adelaide, Mount Isa, Portland, Bargara. He has also traveled extensively in Australia and overseas. He is now living with his partner, Katrina, in Bargara, Queensland.

His hobbies are Stand up Paddle Boarding, Camping, Surfing, Water Skiing, Sailing, Travel, and Snowboarding.

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Katrina Carey - Social Media Marketing - Facebook Advertising

Katrina Carey

Head Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Account Manager, Katrina can help you make an impact with your Social Media Marketing, just like she has for hundreds of businesses since starting up Wide Reach Social Media.

Katrina’s strength is knowing and understanding what businesses want to achieve from using Facebook and other social media.

Her greatest achievements have been when business owners have been suitably impressed with the results from their Facebook ad campaigns and monthly content postings.

When she works with her clients as a Social Media Coach, people always leave from their sessions eager to go home to give their new found social media knowledge a go and watch the results roll in!

Katrina brings a broad scope and background to her work with Wide Reach Social Media and particularly enjoys working with people who never grew up with a computer.

Katrina has completed certification as a Social Media Manager with Andrea Vahl & Phyllis Khare.

Katrina Carey also lives in Bargara, Queensland, where she takes advantage of the glorious climate cycling on the bike tracks and finding a nice spot to have a coffee!

She loves using social media to indulge her passion in women’s style and clothing and is happiest when her Facebook news feed is full of the latest season’s collections! Katrina rates Instagram as her favourite, most preferred platform followed closely by Facebook and then Pinterest.

Katrina is frequently called upon by family, friends and colleagues to assist them with their facebooking and other online social matters. Katrina looks forward to the day when people are more willing and less scared to share more with their friends via online tools and when people understand their privacy settings enough to be confident to do so!

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Rick Hose

Sales Executive (Hervey Bay and Maryborough)

Understanding small and medium sized businesses from the inside out has been at the heart of Rick’s career for several years. Having seen the importance of Social Media to marketing efforts explode over the past decade, he’s followed the trends to better provide insight on that to clients.

To this end he’s acquired quite a bit of training in the field as a Certified Social Media Strategist from Hootsuite Academy. His work in Radio and promotions gives him a unique perspective on what it takes to get a product on the minds of potential buyers and then into their hands.

Rick’s engaging personality serves him well as a Sales Professional. It’s also behind his ability to deliver dynamic presentations that keep audiences riveted and entertained while they’re being informed.

Rick’s career has spanned several industries from Broadcasting to Promotions, Freelancing and Management. By being consistently analytical and results driven he has been successful at every one of these.

Despite having accomplished so many things professionally, one of Rick’s proudest achievements is being a loving husband and a doting Dad!

Social responsibility is never far from Rick’s mind. He’s dedicated to giving back to his community as a volunteer and is a proud Life Member of the Association of Apex Clubs of Australia, being an Apexian since 1992! At different points he’s served at local, state, national and international levels in several capacities with Apex,and even been named Apexian of the year.

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Social Media Marketing - Facebook Advertising