The Wide Reach Method

The Wide Reach Method

The Wide Reach Method is a way of applying the most beneficial parts of social media to marketing your business in the most effective yet simple way possible.

It’s time to stop being ad hoc with your social media marketing for your business. If you wish to continue to run a successful business, then you must set your business up for the future by taking advantage of social media for marketing and getting in front of customers.

The Wide Reach Method is a way of applying the most beneficial parts of social media to marketing your business in the most effective yet simple way possible.

It combines over 4 years of advertising on social media (we started back when almost no one was using it) and working with hundreds of businesses and turning their social media from neglected to profitable

By applying The Wide Reach Method to your business, it means you can stop worrying about “needing to do more” with social media and relax in the knowledge that you placed the correct things underway.

  • Your social media is professional and and it is s customised to your industry and your business.
  • It is updated regularly with interesting and creative content that makes customers interested in your products and services.
  • You have targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns running that get your business in front of new customers (not just existing), and because of this your fans and followers continue to grow every month.
  • You feel confident that you are set up with the correct monitoring procedures so you can quickly respond to queries and enquiries.
  • You feel reassured as you have a procedure for dealing with negative comments in the small likelihood that it occurs, which protects the reputation of your business online.

The Wide Reach Method has worked for hundreds of business to take their social media from neglected to profitable.

For business owners that do not have the time, or energy to maintain your social media constantly, The Wide Reach Method offers a solution.

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The Wide Reach Method consists of the following components:

1. A stunning professional presence for your social media, and your business online. This includes professional photography, and a full page overhaul and optimization.

2. A strategy to reach new customers and turn them into fans so they connect with your business. The strategy is of course specific to your business and your industry

3. A plan for the best content to post on your pages to turn these fans into customers by showing them all the incredible unique aspects of your business, your products and services. Your business is unique and you have probably forgotten all the little things you do that make it special. We are skilled at identifying these unique aspects and promoting them in the best possible way so that people sit up and take notice of your business.

4. Measure and report at each step so you can track your progress, your results and return on investment.

5. Adapt and adjust to the marketing to the seasons, events, changes in your business and products to keep it fresh and ongoing.

How much input is required from you? It is up to you! Many of our clients choose to hand it all over to Our team who apply our strategies. Some clients just hand over some of the components required.

When you use The Wide Reach Method, breakthroughs will come in your social media. You will experience faster results than ever.

You will succeed at growing fans and having a social media presence that other businesses look to as a leading example.

Imagine that!

Not only that, but you will save time and energy, from not having to do it yourself. You can instead spend that time running your business and helping customers!

There is just one catch.

The Wide Reach Method requires an investment in your social media efforts. It takes time to grow your online social media from neglected to a place that people talk about as a leading example.

Creating a good social media presence costs money, many of our clients once they allocate some of their marketing budget to the Wide Reach Method for social media find they get better results than traditional advertising and can then save money on this!

Be prepared to see some different results. Be prepared to be surprised!

It is okay if what you have done in the past hasn’t worked. That will now change.

Would you like to start applying The Wide Reach Method to your marketing budget?

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