Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course! It helps if you use social media personally and you have a marketing background, but if you have the time you can clear how to use social media success fully. Our Social Media training (link) will help.

Yes of course! People are spending so much time on social media these days. You will have seen this yourself with people standing in lines, reading their social media on their phone, even checking their social media during TV ads!

It’s very valuable for business, but only if used correctly!

Both! People need to be able to find your website when they search for you. However your website is static (it does not change much). Facebook and other Social Media are used to keep in touch with your customers regularly and also to get in front of new customers and send them to your website.

Our clients normally get their social media up and running first in fact as it’s the best practice. Otherwise, your social media is blank and no one is getting sent to your website so your website has no traffic.

It is definitely harder for some industries. However we’ve had clients get great results in industries such as plumbing (the business grew from 1 to 3 staff, and won a business award), a coach tour company for seniors ( they reduced other advertising and put more into social media now that they know it’s working. They had 50 enquiries in the first month and an immediate sale).

It is best to think of it as another form of advertising – just like the paper and radio. Now people use Social Media for their news – so if you get your business in front of them, the additional exposure will help grow your business.

Contact us and we can advise on the best ways to use social media for your particular industry and business

Negative feedback is always a risk, but it can be managed and deleted. Also if managed correctly you will get far more positive than negative. Many of our customers had the same concerns before they started but now they are thrilled with how it is going.

Yes. But it depends on where the comment is as to how it needs to be done. Deleting it may not be the best response if it’s a genuine complaint. If it’s spam then definitely delete it.  It’s important that you develop a process to respond to these comments and also have set your Facebook up to notify you when this happens.

Instagram is growing fast – it’s up to 5 million now and it does have a lot of young people. Facebook is still used by all ages though, including young people, it has 14 million active users, and on average people spend 9 hours and 50 minutes every month on it. Facebook’s also easier to use from a business point of view (because you can send people to your website and run paid ads to get new customers).

No, we work with all major social media networks – Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Facebook has the most users and is most effective for businesses though. Especially regional businesses, as Twitter, etc., are not used as much in the regional areas as they are in the cities.

We would look at this as a first step as part of your strategy. You can also survey your customers. The stats in Australia show this.

If you have the time to spend updating your page every day as well as going to training to keep up to date in the methods that work and you have a personal interest and enjoy doing it, then yes, you can.  If you’re short of time to post and attend training, and are not passionate about it, then it’s worth looking at outsourcing all or part of it.

If done right it can have incredible results as the case studies of our clients show.

There are a few reasons why it can be so effective:

  1. You can target people very well – by age, interests, location, etc.
  2. It costs less than other advertising.
  3. The ads show up in the main newsfeed on Facebook and they do not look like ads. This means it’s hard for people to miss them (unlike newspaper ads that look like ads)

It works on an auction system where you set your budget and depending on who else is running ads Facebook will charge you a certain amount per 1000 people you reach (generally $10-$20 per 1000 people.)

Once you set your budget per day Facebook will not spend over this.

Graph of costs per advertising medium

Yes, but there are better ways to advertise to get better results using the “ads manager” and “power editor.” “Boost Post” will not give you the best results due to the lack of ad type options and targeting features.

It might have been in the past but not anymore! There are more people over 30 on Facebook than 30.

The over 50s is the fastest growing new user demographic on Facebook.

We work with Businesses to get more leads and sales from their marketing on Social Media.

What this involves depends upon the business and their situation. We work with businesses that are already very active and also with business that are just starting out.

Contact us and tell us a little bit about your situation and what you were after and we’ll be able to say if we can or can’t help you.