Social Media Audit

Recently I was worried. Worried that one of our clients was not getting the CTRs as high as some of our clients from their Facebook ad campaigns.

So we brainstormed what we could change, and I rang the client to say “it’s not going as well as we normally expect, so we are going to change this and this and this…”

The client interrupts me and says “can I just say one thing?”

“Sure” I say

“We’ve just had our busiest month in 5 years they say

I was speechless… we didn’t need to change anything at all

He also said they are getting better quality clients and people more ready to buy

We hear this quite often so I should not be surprised, but it’s always nice to hear this feedback 🙂

You see there is a big difference to regular, professional, consistent social media to doing it yourself when you get a spare moment (which is probably rare)

Catalyst Directions used to manage their own social media, now they outsource it to us

There are still a lot of businesses that could be doing soo much more with social media and hence getting soo much more of a result.

We’ve got results for businesses in ALL industries, if there is demand for your product/service it will work…. if done correctly

If you would like to know where you could be doing better, and what else you could be doing, we are offering a social media audit where we review your current social media efforts and tell you what to change and improve.

All for just $99, this week only. Click here to order your social media audit. 

Social Media Audit and Recommendation includes:

  • Review of current social media: a look on what’s working and what needs to be improved; and, 
  • Recommendations about what actions to take, and benefits to expect.

Your business could be getting results just like Bevan at Catalyst Directions: Click here to order your social media audit.

After paying, please send us the links to your business social media profiles at

We’ve had Wide Reach Social Media professionally managing our social mediafor a few months now and we’ve had great results! 

We just had our busiest month for 5 years and have noticed an increase in our conversion rates from quotes to new customers – people are coming to us ready to buy.

I can’t put this sudden growth in our business down to anything other than thesocial media marketing Wide Reach Social Media has been doing for us. 

We haven’t been doing any other marketing and nothing else has changed apart from having our social media professionally managed.

As a web and graphic design agency we know what to do with social media and we could do it ourselves, we never have the time so it’s been a great decision to outsource it to Wide Reach Social Media

We’ve had a dramatic Increase in enquiries AND conversion to new clients.

Bevan Moller, Catalyst Directions