The Power and Potential of Social Media for Local Business

The Power and Potential of Social Media for Local Business

If you know how to use Social Media for your business correctly, it can generate you sales, not just likes.
Facebook users in the Bundaberg area (within 80km)
Facebook users in the Toowoomba area (within 80km)
Facebook users in the Gladstone area (within 80km)
Facebook users in the Rockhampton area (within 80km)
Facebook users in the Gympie area (within 80km)
Facebook users in the Gayndah area (within 80km)
Facebook users in the Hervey Bay and Maryborough area (within 80km)
hours per week
The amount of time the average user spends on Facebook

“Many local businesses are still missing out by not using Social Media, or not using it in the correct way.”

Dan Willersdorf, Editor of Social Media Success Magazine & CEO of Wide Reach Social Media

For those on a limited budget, you are far better focusing on one platform and getting results form that rather than trying to do all and getting no results

80% of users prefer to connect with brands/businesses that are on Facebook.

70% of people trust consumer opinions posted online (even if they don’t know the person).

Age of Facebook Users – Wide Bay

Social Media Platforms in Australia

The statistics show the social media platforms offering the most opportunities for local businesses are Facebook followed by Instagram.

Why Facebook Paid Advertising Could Be Worth Using For Your Business

  1. Reach new customers (not just your existing fans)
  2. Better measurability of results than traditional advertising
  3. Targeting options with Facebook advertising offer greater value than old advertising methods which means you can spend less and reach more of your customers.

Small Business Owners


Real Estate


Parents With Children 0-2yrs


Mountain Biking & Cycling


Lorna Jane (sportswear brand)


Social Media Does Work For An Older Target Market (over 50s) If Done Correctly

Down Under Coach Tours run bus tours for seniors and were initially sceptical of the effectiveness for their customers:

“We’re getting wonderful results. It is much better than any other form of advertising that we’ve done, in creating interest and enquiries for our tours. Get on to Wide Reach Social Media!”

Janelle Taylor, Down Under Coach Tours, Maryborough
Janelle Taylor

The Problem: Although Social Media is Essential & Effective Is Is Also Time Consuming And Energy Consuming!

More and more businesses are outsourcing their Social Media advertising and achieving great results when it is done correctly.

“With Wide Reach Social Media helping us in the advertising area it has taken a lot of weight off of my shoulders and given me room to breathe and continue to do everything else within our business that I do.”

Ellen Pike, Tura Charters, Gladstone

“Our sales, since Wide Reach Social Media has been managing the Facebook page, have increased dramatically.”

Neil McPhillips, Infants’ Friend

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my business and personal Facebook separate?

Yes – when set up correctly there is no visible link from your business page to your personal profile.

What about negative feedback? Can you delete it?

Yes you can moderate and remove comments posted to your page. At Wide Reach Social Media we create moderation guidelines when we first begin working with a new client.

Is it better to manage my own Social Media or can I outsource it?

This depends on how much time you have for keeping it updated continually and how interested you are in learning how to best use it. More and more businesses are outsourcing their Social Media marketing.

Studies Show Businesses Are Increasing Their Spend on Social Media

“The trend for businesses of all sizes to use social media to advertise is increasing with nearly half of large businesses paying to advertise on social.” (2015 Sensis Social Media Report)

Current Average Annual Budget for Social Media Marketing

Small Businesses


Medium Businesses


“If your customers are spending over 8 hours on Social Media every week, why would you not be advertising there? At a minimum why not start with allocating the same amount for social media as your other advertising?” 

Katrina Carey, Certified Social Media Manager, Wide Reach Social Media

Social Media is Crucial For Business Success In Today’s World – For Both Online and In-store Sales

Would you like to start harnessing the power of Social Media today?

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