Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

With Facebook and Instagram Advertising there are incredible targeting options available, meaning that you are only paying to reach people that are potential customers. It is a huge opportunity to get your message to market.

Facebook most visited site in AUFacebook is the most visited site in Australia and people are spending a significant amount of time on Facebook (3 times more than any other site), and Instagram has now grown to over 5 million users in Australia, so would you like to be advertising where your customers are?

Incredible Targeting Options & Measurement

With Facebook & Instagram advertising there are incredible targeting options available, meaning that you are only paying to reach people that are potential customers.

We can display your ads where they get the most response and we can target ads to mobile only, women only, specific ages, family status, hobbies, interests and more.

Detailed reports are available on the effectiveness of your advertising campaign including views, clicks and actions.

Examples of Results

Using Facebook & Instagram advertising, clients of ours have grown their fans/likes from 1200 to over 5000.

Other retail store clients have promoted sales, this meant for one they had their busiest annual sale ever.

Facebook campaign results
Example of results available for Campaigns

Advertising Purposes

Facebook adYour ads can be designed to:

  • get more Facebook & Instagram likes for your Facebook page
  • advertise a special promotion you have to a targeted audience

We design your ad campaign for maximum effectiveness, creating images and text based on our years of experience with Facebook advertising and working directly with Facebook & Instagram, to capture the attention of your customers and encourage action.

Window of Opportunity

We are in a narrow window of opportunity right now. Facebook & Instagram advertising is still very inexpensive as it is relatively new.

For example one ad for a client of ours recently reached 5,159 for just a $72.83 ad spend. And these were all potential customers – people that have the occupation of “nurse”.

For your business you could target just men, just women, just people between 18-25yrs, just people living in your town, etc, etc.

But act quickly – as more businesses start using it – the price will go up. This occurred with Google Adwords after it was introduced in 2006. The average cost per click rose from 5-10c to now $3 and even $10 in some industries. We have seen Facebook ads go up 42% every year since we started using them when they were introduced a few years ago.

Success Story

Tura Charters

Tura-fbTura Charters have used Social Media to recover form an extended downturn since the GFC. Ellen from Tura Charters has attended some Facebook training with us and now utilizes our monthly Facebook advertising campaign package where we create and run their paid Facebook advertising campaigns.

“With Dan and Katrina helping us in the advertising area it has taken a lot of weight off of my shoulders and given me room to breath and continue to do everything else within our business that I do without the overwhelming fact that I’ve gotta be out there. If you need help, go to an organisation and have someone like Wide Reach Social Media help you. Give it a go, it’s definitely worth it!”

Ellen Pike, Tura Charters

Would you like to start harnessing the power of social media for your business today?

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