Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Do you know you need to be “doing more” with Social Media for your business but can never find the time? Or perhaps you run out of ideas for what to post. If this sounds like you contact us and find out more about outsourcing your social media management to Wide Reach Social Media.

All Social Media Management Packages include

  • Professional optimisation (or creation) of your Facebook business page so it is set up correctly to wow and impresses new visitors (month 1)

  • Development of a customised Social Media strategy specific to your business and your industry to convert fans into new customers (month 1)

  • Facebook paid advertising campaigns to attract and grow your fans/likes and get your business in front of a new audience (up to 1 per month, starting in month 2)

  • Full color ads. Ads can link to your website so people can click on them.

  • Creation of customised Facebook posts that are also advertised (1- 3 posts per week) to your fans to keep them engaged and referring their friends to you – think of it like the modern version of word of mouth (month 2 onwards)

  • Full reputation management and comment monitoring service to professionally deal with any negative feedback if it occurs

  • Monthly reporting so that you can see the key metrics and results from your investmentLinks to your website

  • Regular communication with your Social Media Manager

  • This is a complete “done for you” service so you don’t have to do anything which means you can concentrate on running your business

How It Works

  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    We’ll schedule your start date, sort out the paper work & set up your monthly payment with you.

  • Month 1

    Month 1

    We have your “Kick off” meeting where we obtain access to your page, collect your logos & branding images etc. We’ll then create your Social Media strategy and posting plan as well as optimise your Facebook page and start creating content and images to post to your fans and for ad campaigns.

  • Month 2-12

    Month 2 - 12

    We post to your page and monitor it (you’ll get an email with anything we moderate on your page). We’ll also be running and monitoring your Facebook ad campaigns. You can pre-approve your content and ad campaigns. You’ll get monthly reports and we’ll be in regular touch via email and phone and in person. You can email us anything at any time to post on your page or run ad campaigns for.

The 2015 Sensis Social Media Report found that “Performance across key indicators (increased sales and profitability) was higher in businesses with an active social media presence.”

Social Media Marketing and Facebook Advertising for Business

Success Story

Nuflow fbNuflow

Nuflow Wide Bay are a drainage plumbing service. Initially they were very sceptical of the effectiveness of Social Media for their business, given their industry.

“I had thought about social media a lot but I couldn’t see how it would work for my business. Then I saw Dan’s p[resent at the Re-ignite Business Conference and I saw how many people were on Facebook in the Wide Bay, and how many were over the age of 50 yrs.

The (monthly) reports that we get back from Wide Reach Social Media are brilliant, I can see exactly who my marketing is reaching.

I can tell by the questions they’re asking me when they ring up – I know they’ve seen Nuflow Wide Bay on Facebook. They’re asking of more in-depth questions then they used to before I did Facebook. It makes a better customer. They’re probably easier to sell to once they ring because we have got a foot in the door.

I’m not creative enough to do my own Social Media. With Wide Reach Social Media it’s like a one-stop shop. You’ve created the graphics and the ads for me and obviously a lot more experienced with the targeting for the advertising and reaching to other people. Those things, I will never know to do it myself. So, that was why I chose for you to do it. It just makes my life easier.

Initially, when I set up the business, I probably thought social media was a waste of time. As I got to know more about the rest of it, I could say it was a necessity.

The Facebook page (marketing you do) is brilliant. I’m paying you because you’re worth it!”

Sam Foss, Nuflow Wide Bay

Would you like to start harnessing the power of social media for your business today?

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