Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Why use Social Media Marketing? Because it works! We have clients that have got 100 enquiries in just one month and now have reduced all their traditional advertising!

By using social media for marketing your business, and making sure you are getting the most out of it, you are setting your business up to succeed in the future as people spend more and more time online.

As a business owner it can be tough though because there are a few factors you’re up against

  • The bureau of statistics say that the average business owner in Australia works 85 hours a week
  • With your books to do and all the other roles in your business to take care off all of a sudden social media comes along and it’s one more thing to have to do
  • Posting to social media for businesses compared to personal use is quite different as you may have found out
  • Some businesses in your town or people you know have probably tried social media for business and don’t get a great result, yet you see others that make all their sales from their Facebook page.

We often hear these frustrations from people we work with. Are some of these things that you find frustrating as well?

We know how you feel. 

But the alternative if you don’t get onboard and not use Social Media or don’t use it and take full advantage of it is not great

  • 90% of people now search online for a product or service, less than 10% use the Yellow Pages
  • The average time spent of Facebook per user is 9 hours and 51 minutes each month
  • There are 12.8 Million Facebook users in Australia, 2.4 Million of these are aged 50 years or older.
  • And we see so often business going out of business, and these are often businesses that have not manage to change with the times, and change the way they advertise and promote their business to their customers

So just imagine this scenario

  • Your Social Media has way more fans
  • Your Social Media regularly brings in enquiries
  • You feel confident that if a potential customer visits your Social Media pages they will be impressed by what they see
  • You know your business is set up well for the future

Imagine how you will feel if this was your page. Well, it can be you!

We have helped hundreds of other people, we can help you achieve this

Everyone knows that Social Media works once used correctly. You’ve heard success stories and you’ve heard everyone saying how important it is, haven’t you?

If you do it RIGHT that is…

In order to do it right, without spending heaps of time and money on trial and error and making heaps of embarrassing and costly mistakes, you need to follow a proven strategy, and you need assistance from people who are experts in this field and do it every day

If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results.

Would you agree that getting someone who knows what they are doing to show you the way can save you time and money? If you do agree, then contact us now!

Success Story

Infants-Friend-fbInfants’ Friend

Infants’ Friend oral liquid is a product for infants with colic and wind. Traditionally they have been very successful simply through word of mouth advertising. They first created their Facebook page in 2010, but not having the time to maintain it, it sat stagnant until Neil employed the services of Wide Reach Social Media. Their page ‘likes’ have now increased from 600 to over 10,000. Now even people in other countries are asking where they can buy the product.

“Whilst the word of mouth advertising was fine for a long time, business has become much more competitive especially over the last few years with online retailing and these f things. So many people, rather than pick up a brochure or go into a shop, the first thing they do is use Google. And that’s where they do their research. So I think if you want to be a successful retailer these days, you must have a presence and it’s got to be a strong presence either through Facebook or whatever method or platform you desire. You need to be there because that’s, quite simply that’s where most people do their initial amount of research.

The results since using Wide Reach Social Media are amazing. For four years, we sat there with something like 600 likes and some business would say that’s pretty strong. But since hiring Wide Reach Social Media we went to 3,500 thousand likes in three months. And now our extended audience is just unbelievable.

The other thing is with the analysis we get through Facebook and through Wide Reach Social Media, we can actually see the target market we’re hitting.

And it’s a no-brainer like outsource the management of the Social Media and let somebody else do it. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on glossy brochures and all those tabloids. But here, we can be attracting anybody in the world through business marketing and branding. It’s a no-brainer to me.

Our sales, since we’ve been working the Facebook page over the last three months have increased dramatically. We can’t put this down to anything else other than the Facebook because that’s the only thing we’ve done differently.”

Neil McPhillips, Infants’ Friend

Would you like to start harnessing the power of Social Media for your business today?

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