Social Media Strategy For Business

Social Media Strategy for Business

Your Social Media Strategy makes sure that you are not wasting your time and money on social media for no return. Make sure you are using up-to-date strategies to succeed. Reach more people and increase your conversions.

The Social Media Strategy that Wide Reach Social Media will create for you includes:

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    Recommendations on How to Reach More People With Your Social Media Marketing

    1. How to grow your fan base
    2. How to use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising to multiply your reach at least 10X
    3. How to promote your products the best way on Social Media
    4. The best time to post to get seen by the most people
    5. How to improve your page’s “EdgeRank” so your posts get seen by more of your fans
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    A Social Media Strategy to get more enquiries and sales

    1. Recommendations to optimize your page set up to get maximum enquiries
    2. The types of content to post to converts fans to customers
    3. How to use Facebook advertising to generate enquiries
    4. How to word your posts for maximum engagement, reach and conversion
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    Use your Social Media to drive traffic to websites, build email databases

    1. Recommendation on the best app to create for your page
    2. How to send traffic to your website & measure it
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    A Social Media Management Plan which shows how to use the crucial features of the required Social media platforms

    1. Training in time saving tools, features for added exposure, targeting
    2. What to measure using your insights
    3. Monitoring & management advice including setting up notifications
    4. Assistance to optimize your page
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    Analysis of your current Social Marketing Strategy and Social media presence including your key statistics/indicators

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    Analysis of your competitors & how to out-perform your competitors on Social Media

Success Story


Celine from Fraser Region Organic Business since working with Wide Reach Social Media has increased her sales increased 44.28% in a 3 month period.

“It’s been great [using Wide Reach Social Media]. It’s just really, I feel like I’m using Facebook more productively and it’s given me more ideas on what to post and kinda got me out of, when I first contacted them I was feeling a bit stagnant about posting and I was feeling a bit negative about it because I just didn’t know what to do and I really actually enjoy writing so I find that posts are like a tiny little mini blog sometimes. I enjoy it for that but it was also, it is hard so they were really able to put me back on track and I’ve got printouts all around my office around me and they just helped me stay focused.”

Celine Louie, FROG

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