Social Media Training

Are you a small or medium business owner and you know you need to do more with your Social Media and/or want better results, but…

  • Are you unsure of where to start and exactly what needs to be done on your Social Media?
  • Are you nervous about spending time and money on Social Media in case your effort is wasted?
  • Are you worried about opening up a can of worms – will it get out of control, will I get negative feedback, will the monitoring & answering questions take up too much time?

The risk of not getting the right training or support:If you don’t get the right training then you could waste your time and effort & get it all wrong

The Best Thing Is To…

Get The Right System, Training And Resources So You Do It Correctly And So You Get The Best Results From It.
To find out more about the right system we have made available read on….

We have put together a system for you that covers the step by step process we use when we take on a new client and act as their dedicated social media manager for their Facebook marketing.

The Wide Reach System – For Social Media Success

The first part of this is we walk you through everything you need to do for your Facebook marketing. This is 6 videos we’ve recorded – one for each part of the process.  The second part of it is all the templates and checklists we use. All the videos and resources are online and can be accessed at any time for the next 12 months. Each video is about 20 minutes long.

The Wide Reach 6 Step Process – For Facebook marketing

Just like when we take on a new client you may have some of the 6 critical keys working already. If so you’ll save yourself some time. Regardless when you go through the process and get all 6 keys right you will know you have done everything correctly and you’ll get the best results.

These are instructions tried and tested by us. They are relevant to small & medium regional business. It does not miss out on any of the keys steps you need to do.

We know you are time poor so it’s not going to take you a heap of time to go through. Each video is condensed to only about 20 minutes long and you can do them when you get time. You’ll have access to them for the next 12 months.

Here Are The Full Details On The Wide Reach System

  1. Setting Up & Optimising Your Facebook Page
    If your business page isn’t set up properly you are losing fans and losing customers. It’s just like your shop front being broken. I’ll show you how to fix your accounts and make sure it’s optimised. Everyone we work with always has things to improve on their page set up.
  1. Creating Your Facebook Strategy
    People don’t get results because they are not clear on what they need to do to make it work. Your strategy tells you what you need to do. I show you how to create a strategy that suits your industry and your business.
  1. Integrating Your Facebook Page With Your Other Advertising
    Most people don’t do this properly. You must integrate correctly with existing marketing. You must have the right links to your website and visa versa and well as to your offline marketing. In this step we’ll show you how to get this right.
  1. Growing Your Facebook Fans
    You probably need more fans. I’ll show you how to get more fans – easily and cost effectively. And the right sort of fans. There is no point in getting fans that will never buy your product. I’ll show you how to get targeted fans.
  1. What To Post & The Keys For Preparing This
    Create not curate is the key.  Many people are always running out of ideas to post. Posting the wrong things, or not posting it in the right way to grab attention and get engagement will hurt your results. We’ll show you how to fix this and well as improve your engagement. This is perfect if you are feeling like you don’t get many likes & comments on your posts.
  1. The Key Features & Time Saving Tools To Master
    I’ll show you the little know features we use and all the time saving tools. This includes the templates, checklists and other resources we use.

If You Follow The Wide Reach System You’ll…

  • Feel confident you’re doing your Facebook marketing the right way
  • Feel good that you’ve doing more with your Social Media
  • Save time
  • Get results!

Just Click Here To Order The Wide Reach System For Just $495

Payments are processed via PayPal which is a widely used and secure payment system online. Once you click on the buy now button you can click on pay via credit card (you don’t have to have a PayPal account).

Once you’ve ordered and paid; we’ll send you an email with the link to the product and your username and password to access it. The videos and resources can be accessed at any time for the next 12 months.

Risk-free guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

As with all of our products we offer a 100% money back guarantee. After you’ve bought if you don’t think you’ve got great value then send us an email and we’ll process with your refund.

Questions? I’ll Try To Answer Them All….

Do I need to complete the training for the Wide Reach System at once?

No, you can complete them one at a time in your own time. You have access to them for the next 12 months. Just the downloadable checklist and templates alone are worth the $495 price.

Is this too basic or advanced for me?

The process works for both advanced and beginner users. If you’re advanced you may have a little less to do. But there still will be changes you’ll need to make that will have big changes on your results.

Do I need to buy it?

Only if you want better results from your Facebook page, save time, and feel confident you are doing it correctly!

How do I pay if I don’t have a credit card?

Just email us and we’ll send you an invoice for payment via direct debit.

How does accessing the Wide Reach System work?

You’ll receive a link, username and password to a special area of our website where you can watch the videos and download all the resources. You don’t need any special software, just an internet connection and speakers to hear the videos. If you have any problems you can email us at any time and we’ll do our best to help.

Do you do in-person training or 1-1 coaching?

Occasionally we do run in-house training workshops for businesses that want us to come in a conduct a customised training workshop for their staff. Contact us to find out more about these. We don’t offer one-on-one training other than this.


Just Click Here To Order The 6 Training Videos For Just $495