Eight years may not seem like much, but it’s several lifetimes in digital years (think about what your phone was capable of back in 2012)!

That’s how long Wide Reach Social Media has been offering social media marketing services and training throughout South East and Central Queensland.

Here’s our story:

The Founders

Dan Willersdorf

Dan Willersdorf


Dan co-founded the company that would become Wide Reach Social Media in 2012. He served as Operations Manager from the company’s inception until November 2018. In that capacity, he coordinated business development and worked alongside clients from throughout the region to develop and deliver thousands of creative social media campaigns. Together with his co-founder, Katrina, Dan successfully managed the professional social media activities of well over 100 clients and hosted informative workshops to help local businesses go digital on their own. These and other services toward the community earned him the prestigious Queensland Community Digital Champion award in 2016.

Katrina Carey

Katrina Carey


As a co-founder of Wide Reach Social Media, Katrina played a major role in developing the company’s vision and building its strong, loyal customer base. With the expert knowledge of professional social media methods she developed at the Social Media Manager School and a naturally warm professional manner, Katrina capably served as Customer Relations Manager and Social Media Manager for over seven years. Katrina collaborated with Dan to lead a competent team of graphic design, copywriting and project management staff to produce outstanding social media marketing content from 2011-2018.

2012 – First Steps

Way back when Social media marketing was still a hazy-sounding concept that few companies saw the value of, Dan Willersdorf and Katrina Carey started a Social Media Marketing company in Bundaberg called Wide Bay Social Media. As the name implied, the business’ sourced clients in the Wide Bay area of Bundaberg, Gladstone, Hervey Bay and Maryborough. They offered social media packages and training sessions with a focus on Facebook.

Part of the inspiration for this came from Dan’s experience building websites with his previous company, Websites Made For You. It convinced him that specialist services were the key to companies succeeding with Social Media so he and Katrina set out to provide just that. Bevan of Catalyst Directions had been running Facebook workshops at the time but refocused his company on Web services allowing WRSM to specialise in an uncluttered field.

2014 – A Name Change

After two years of operating as Wide Bay Social Media, the decision was made to rebrand as Wide Reach Social Media. This gave the company a broader appeal allowing for marketing a little further afield while retaining its roots as a small local business.

2015 – A New Venture

Dan and Katrina launched the Social Media Success website and weekly subscription service. This publication gave businesses more information on what was possible with Social media by highlighting outstanding success stories.

2017 & 2018 – Awards

Dan was awarded the title of Queensland Community Digital Champion in both 2017 and 2018 for his work supporting Queensland businesses in marketing socially.

2018 – Catalyst acquires Wide Reach Social Media

For years Catalyst and Wide Reach enjoyed a strong business relationship and collaborated to give clients combined social and website solutions from time to time. When Dan and Katrina decided to pursue a different path, Bevan was the natural choice to acquire WRSM. This allowed Catalyst to return Social Media to its portfolio with an already tested brand and team.

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The power of two

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Some of you have been following our journey since we were Wide Bay Social Media and have become a part of the family, so to speak. We’d like to reassure you that the company you know and love is still here. In fact, with our position as a part of Catalyst Directions, we’re able to provide even more services and work more efficiently with the support of a larger team.

It’s the next stage in our evolution!

The Social Team

Bevan Moller


Lucinda Templeton

Office Manager

Myla Leono

Social Media Production Coordinator

Liliana Harris

Social Media Content Creator

Jaiden Millett

Social Media Content Creator

Ronan Budd

Social Media Content Creator

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