Social Media

Why should I choose social? (vs traditional media)

Social Media allows businesses to reach customers at any time, day or night with content that matches their interests and makes them want to learn (and spend) more. That’s absolutely miraculous from a marketing standpoint! Even with a relatively modest advertising budget, a small company can leverage a strong social media campaign to gain followers and increase Sales.

Traditional media like radio, television and newspapers just can’t match that precision. That’s not to say there’s no place for them in your strategy but from the looks of things, the future of marketing is social and digital.

Can I measure my ROI?

Your Return On Investment is how much you get back for what you spend and measuring this is essential to any marketing strategy worth its salt. We monitor key metrics of all the campaigns we implement and regularly provide reports so you’re in the loop when it comes to our progress towards your goals.

Why do I need a strategy?

Social media is easy…when you’re doing it for personal use. It gets trickier when you try to use it for business and the stakes get higher than having your posts liked or shared in a fairly small group. You need a strategy so you can plan content ahead with your customer base’s interests in mind and reliably funnel traffic from social to your website. That’s how you convert people from being merely curious to loyal customers.

Our Process


Step 1: Getting to know you

We meet to discuss your goals so we can formulate a plan that helps you reach them. We also collect any creative resources that might come in handy at this stage


Step 2: Strategising

We customise a plan for you and present it to you for your review. We’ll go back and forth making changes as needed until everything is agreed on.

Step 3: Implementation

We put the graphics and content together and post to your channels regularly.

Step 4: Review

We assess the performance of all your campaigns and make any necessary modifications to optimise your ROI and keep meeting or surpassing your goals.

It's time for a Digital Audit

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